We Sweat the Details

Stormwater Management

To keep sites within regulation and avoid costly fines, our dedicated team is here to help clients. Accreditations and education on the subject are just the beginning of why the Lamp Rynearson Stormwater Management team is the one to choose. Years of field experience combined with local, regional, and national training keep our professionals up-to-date on the latest National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) regulations. Insure compliance. Keep costs to a minimum. Keep the client informed. Avoid fines.  

Whether it’s construction, post construction, industrial stormwater permitting, or compliance with local, state and federal regulations, Lamp Rynearson team members are industry leading experts. In the office or in the field, our team’s experience cannot be matched! Committed and focused strictly on stormwater, this team’s ongoing education and direct involvement with local, regional, and national education and outreach organizations separates us from the pack.

Municipalities & Specifications

We have the ability to sit down with city personnel one-on-one, because of our relationships. We are familiar with submittal and permit processes and understand what municipalities need to provide timely reviews and approvals. Lamp Rynearson has experience that includes approval of public improvement plans and building permits, grading and stormwater protection plans, and zoning and platting processes.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) & Nebraska Department of Aeronautics (NDA).

A knowledge of federal and state guidelines are required to obtain federal and state grant funds.  Lamp Rynearson has the experience and knowledge of FAA and NDA requirements. Necessary approvals are managed routinely and in a timely manner.  For more than 25 years, our airport team has been a trusted advisor to our clients.