Sterling Ranch Lift Station and Force Main

El Paso County, Colorado

Lamp Rynearson is currently providing design engineering services for a wastewater lift station and force main that will serve the future development of 5,000 residential units and commercial areas in the Sterling Ranch Metropolitan District. All four Lamp Rynearson offices are contributing to the design for this project.

This project was acquired from another firm. Lamp Rynearson reevaluated the initial preferred force main alignment and proposed an alternative alignment that resulted in a shorter length of pipeline, lower construction costs, minimized boring distances, and eliminated environmental impacts.

The scope of services includes preliminary design, final design, survey, construction staking, construction administration, and regulatory compliance. Permitting requirements for the project will include wetlands disturbance, force main construction crossing existing county roads and open land drainage ways, and force main construction crossing existing power and gas utilities. Technical components of this project include structural design, directional drilling, and gravity sewer boring.